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Pancasila Sanctity Day With EYEVIT

Hello Eyevit friends in Pancasila Sanctity Day on October 1, 2016 EYEVIT hold a quiz Pancasila Sanctity Day 2016. Come and win total prize of hundreds thousands Voucher for 30 people WINNER. Here are the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Pancasila Sanctity Day With EYEVIT< . . .

Guess Indonesian Heroes #EyevitMerdeka

Hello Eyevit Friends
In order to celebrate the independence of the 71th Republic of Indonesia, Eyevit will held an event "Guess Indonesian Heroes"  and won cell voucher for you who are lucky.

it's easy :
1. Like fanpage fb, and follow Twitter and Instagram E . . .

Photo Contest Trip with Eyevit

Hello eyevit friend, come followup Photo Contest Trip with Eyevit. share your trip moment and win
it's simple and easy, you just simply:

1. photo your trip moments either alone or with family and friends

2. Like and Follow FB, Twitter and Istagram Eyevit
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