Using a cell phone in the dark place will make a lifetime of regret. Why?

Let's Protect Our eyes
* This information is very important, especially for those who like to use the phone in the dark place. * Using PHONE in the dark will make a lifetime of regret. Why?
* Professor Li Li, ophthalmologist and director of Ophthalmology Hospital said: "The strong lights from Mobile, when directly illuminate the eyes of more than 30 minutes, will cause the Eye Macular Degeneration Disease, this will cause rapid deterioration of the eye.
* Particularly MACULAR disease incurable. Once the lights are off screen phone looks very bright in the darkness. Viewed from close range, high energy shining eyes directly, it would damage the eye macula. At the beginning will appear early symptoms of Dry Eye, the more serious is the Cataracts appear first. * After receiving MACULAR disease, it means already suffering from eye cancer, and a matter of time blindness.
Professor Li Li said that the symptoms of Macular Degeneration mostly happen on old people. However, recently there is a tendency younger patients.
Among them an increase in patients at the age of 20 ~ 40 years increased 3 times, most are heavy users of Smartphone.
Be careful and Protect Your Eyes as: "The eye is the window to the world"
Let's take care and maintain a healthy eye from now.

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