5 Habits that Make Healthy Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important sense for humans. Therefore it is very necessary to find ways to make the eyes more healthy. By applying the correct lifestyle, indirectly eyes will also be healthier and longer spared from degeneration disease.

The pattern of life or a bad habit that unwittingly done continuously in daily life will accelerate the process of degeneration in the eye. These habits include food consumed or bad habit.

Here are five things that are beneficial to the eyes:

Consumption of vegetables and fruits such as red and orange tomatoes, strawberries, and carrots. The content of vitamin A as well as its big enough antioxidants in it is very nice to fight free radicals. Besides, the nutrients contained in it is very good for eye health.

Avoid direct sunlight into the eyes, especially during the day. Wear UV glasses will help reduce the intensity of sunlight that enters the eye, can also use a hat with a wide brim.

Maintain stable blood sugar levels will also be very helpful. Especially in patients with acute diabetes, increased levels of sugar will make the eye becomes blurred. In extreme cases can cause blindness.

Enough sleep will make the eyes more healthy. As with other organs there is time for the eye to completely relax. 6-8 hours of sleep will make your eyes feel more fresh and cool. To avoid the eye discharge when awakened from sleep.

Read in the good light, often without conscious people are reading in a dim room. This forced the eye to work harder resulting eye nerves to become more tense. Habits that performed repeatedly will cause the eye to minus and cylindrical.

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