4 Steps to Prevent Eye Damage Although The Whole Day At The Front Of Computer

In the era of increasingly rapid technological developments, we are also increasingly reliant on these technologies. Nowadays, every day, the more we can not escape from the name of a smartphone or a computer, whether desktop or laptop, to live our daily activities.

You certainly know that spend more than five hours in front of a computer screen is not healthy. What more if the job requires you staring at a computer screen up to 9 hours a day! Eyes may be ill or become very tired.

Eye fatigue or eye strain from too long in front of a computer is common. Common symptoms of tired eyes are usually in the form of fatigue, rashes, and eye feels hot. Eye fatigue is rarely so serious condition, although it really bothers you.

Sometimes eyestrain be a sign of certain conditions that may require medical attention. If eye fatigue is prolonged, you can go to your doctor for treatment. Do not overlook the tired eyes that never healed, because this could have been associated with headaches or eye problems such as double vision, until a significant change in your eyesight.

Why eyestrain after lingering stare at the computer?

Eyes tired because of too long at the computer is usually referred to as computer vision syndrome. This condition affects 50% -90% of workers were working on the computer. In fact, approximately 10 million people perform eye exams each year related to computer vision syndrome.

Too long at the computer, and also in other digital devices, making us blink less. Generally, a person blinks 18 times per minute. By blinking naturally we refresh our eyes. A study says a person who uses a computer or other digital device only flashes 9 times per minute, meaning it is only half of the usual. As a result, dry eyes, fatigue, itching, and felt hot.

Symptoms of eye fatigue

In general, symptoms of eye fatigue:

  • Eye irritation or tightness
  • It is difficult to focus
  • Dry or wet eyes
  • Double vision or blurred
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Pain in the neck, shoulders, or back

These symptoms can reduce the productivity of your everyday life, including work. But when you sleep, your eye can rest and get the nutrients it needs to be able to work again tomorrow. Less sleep means extending your weary eye irritation.

How to prevent eye damaged by computer

Prolonged tired eyes can damage vision and interfere with daily activities. To prevent this is actually quite easy. You simply change the habits you move or work in an office or in your neighborhood.

There are some tips that you can do from the National Eye Institute, Prevent Blindness and Eye Get Smart :

Make your computer screen "friendly"

  • Put the computer screen around 50-66 cm away from your eyes.
  • Remove dust and fingerprints from the screen. Stains on the screen can reduce the contrast and improve the light and reflection.
  • Select a screen that can be tilted and rotated.
  • Consider using a light filter on your screen.
  • Change your work environment
  • Adjust the room lighting lest too light, too dark, or there is the reflection of light on a computer screen.
  • Use a chair that can be height adjustable.
  • Do not just work!
  • Try the 20-20-20 rule! Every 20 minutes, Liha was something that sits 20 feet (6 meters) for 20 seconds.
  • Attach a note that reads "Blink" on your computer, so that you do not forget.
  • Set a regular time off, and away from the computer for a while.
  • Perform minor maintenance of the eye
  • Compress your eyes are tired or dry with a towel warmer (when the eyes are closed).
  • Use eye drops to refresh your eyes when dry.
  • To help prevent dry eyes when working indoors, use air purifiers to be a dust filter and increase humidity.


Source: hellosehat.com

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